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Conventional building appearance-Ideal for backyard applications, including work- shops, garages, and equipment storage etc. Economical and easy to construct perfect for woodworkers, auto mechanics craftsmen of all kinds our A Model steel building has revolutionized the way people think about the backyard shop. Our unique design, with its straight sidewalls and pitch-style roof, is roomy, flexible and easy to assemble. By customizing the endwalls, your our Buildings can even match your home and complement your surroundings. And, you can expand your buildings at any time without major construction, hassle or expense. Perfect for woodworkers, auto mechanics craftsmen of all kinds.


Straight side, curved arch roof allows room for large pieces of equipment and inventory to be located against all walls Perfect for a wide range of commercial, industrial, and military applications, including boat storage, heavy equipment repair, and long-term dehumidified material storage etc. Also suitable for aircraft hangars, sandblasting facilities, manufacturing and shipyard applications No matter what your commercial or industrial needs, an easily constructed, maintenance-free, These Building can get the job done.


Superior strength, durability, and economy Withstands virtually any harsh weather conditions. Ideal for agricultural applications including hay &crop storage, heavy equipment storage, and horse area etc. Farming is a tough job. It takes a tough attitude and tough equipment -- like our rugged Q Model. When it comes to protecting machinery, equipment, hay, grain, and livestock, this reliable Building is right at home on the farm. The build-it-yourself Q Model is affordable, and 100% usable because our clearspan interiors have no beams or trusses to get in your way. Our solid-steel construction eliminates expensive maintenance and the concern about rotting or unsafe frames. You get maximum loading, maximum strength and maximum value.

R Model

Simple Roof System Conventional appereance Versatile, yet economical. Ideal for storing salt, ore coal, or any bulk materials with your existing walls in place

T Model

A versatile arch structure with one open sidewall Efficient three-sided shelter with multiple bays which provide easy access and economical equipment storage Can be tailor-made to custom applications.

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